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Need more help?

This site will take you through the very basics of creating a website, but if you need more help, here are some additional resources:

“Do It Yourself” Resources

As there are many free and inexpensive tools and so much information available on the internet, it is possible these days for you to do it all yourself.

Free Website Help

Many free resources are available to help you create and build your site. If you are patient, willing to search a little and read through “documentation” or forums of the services you use or watch videos, a wealth of free information is available online.

“Documentation” is information provided for a computer program that describes its structure, requirements, operation, maintenance, known defects, enhancements, etc.

“Forums” are online discussion sites where people can hold conversations and post messages on specific topics. Developers often use forums to address common problems and users often give each other tips. If you are having a problem or have a question, it’s likely that it’s already been addressed for someone else, so searching a forum is often a quick way to get an answer.

Web Hosts: In addition to their customer service and technical help resources, web hosts often provide other resources to guide you through processes and solve problems. For instance, BlueHost has a series of videos that demonstrate the steps to go through to set up your website.

WordPress Help: WordPress is fairly easy, but like anything else, there is a learning curve. Often it takes experimenting a bit to get the hang of it. On WordPress’s top right-hand corner, you’ll find a dropdown “Help” menu that will guide you to documentation and forums on specific topics.

Themes: Premium themes often come with support and/or forums that can be helpful.

Plugins: Most plugins invite you to “Visit plugin site” for more information and help resources.

Additional Online Resources: Of course, if you “google” a phrase related to your issue, you are likely to find additional forums, YouTube videos or other resources.

More Resources

Coaching & Community: Working on your website and online business can be a lonely endeavor. Having an experienced guide can save a lot of time and frustration. Join me in the  Laptop Lifestyle Business Club, where Angela Wills leads a learning community that provides training and resources to grow your online business and helps you stay motivated.

Technology, Business and Other Skills: Check out Udemy  and ed2go for a variety of inexpensive online video courses in subjects ranging from coding to video production, business and design.

Hired Help For Websites and More

There are many elements involved in putting up a website. While it is possible to do it all yourself, there are also many relatively inexpensive ways to get help if you need or want it. And getting a website up is just one of many marketing steps that will lead to your success.

Here are some resources to consider:

How much more could you accomplish with a virtual assistant dedicated full- or part-time to your business on an ongoing basis? Check out Virtual Staff Finder.  It can be surprisingly affordable!

Or, there are several good options if you need to hire help on a project basis.

On Upwork, you post a job, outlining the details of your project and specific skills required. Then Upwork sends you a shortlist of talent that fits best from their database of  freelancers in areas such as design, marketing, finance and operations, customer service, website development and sales. You can also search the site for talent.

Crowdspring specializes in logos, design and naming. Here, you name the price you want to pay for a project and your deadline. Minimums are given for the type of project, along with a range of rates for different levels of service. Interested designers and writers respond with their designs. You then can choose the one you like best.

99designsalso specializes in design projects. Here, you also submit a design brief describing your project, choose from three price levels and launch a design contest. You can then choose your favorite from multiple designs submitted.

Lastly, check out for inexpensive help on a huge variety of tasks. There, thousands of freelancers offer to do tasks for $5 (or, in the end, multiples of $5). The quality can vary quite a bit, but if you check out the reviews and experiment a bit, you are likely to find some decent help for a very reasonable investment.