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Analyzing Traffic

Analyzing Traffic


Decide which metrics are important to you in evaluating your website’s performance. Keep it simple and then review these metrics regularly.girl with magnifying glass

Your web host probably provides some tools that will help you analyze your traffic. For instance, you may be able to see the Number of Visitors, Unique Visitors, Pages Views, and Hits (files requested) for a specific period of time. The analysis may also show visits by specific Page, Operating System, Browser, Host, Country, Day, Hour, Duration, as well as Search Keyphrases and Keywords.

Google Webmaster Tools: Webmaster Tools provides information and resources to help you understand and improve your site. For instance, it will provide a quick overview of your site’s health and search traffic. It will notify you of crawl errors and malware and verify number of pages indexed via sitemaps associated with your site. It will identify top search queries and pages, as well as links to your site. To use this resource, sign into Google Webmaster Tools with a Google account. Click on “Add a site” and enter your url. This will take you to a Site verification page that confirms that you own the site.

If you want to conduct more indepth analysis, Google Analytics provides additional tools.