Use WordPress to Create a Website or Blog


How I Set Up a WordPress Website Myself

If I can, you can.

My name is Jane and I am techno-challenged.

In spite of that, I wanted to be able to set up and experiment with some websites without having to pay a web developer $1,000–$2,500 or more.


If I can, you can!

In 2005, I paid a web developer around $2,000 to set up a business website for me. She did a beautiful job. While I still love my web developer, as my business grew and changed I didn’t want to have to contact her and pay $50-75 an hour every time I wanted to make a small copy change.

For my next site, a more personal one, I thought I had solved the problem by using Apple’s iWeb software, but they discontinued it in 2012. Other software I looked at seemed expensive, daunting and difficult to learn. I did not want to make a full time job of that. Free “easy” software promoted by web hosts turned out to be very limited when I actually installed it.

I read several books. I attended several webinars, watched videos, and talked to experienced website designers and users. I explored several products and services. I researched and experimented and then experimented some more.

An Easier Way To Start a Website

Now, let me make it easier for you. The primary resource that now makes it possible for regular folks to create websites is WordPress, a free content software. But there are still many issues to sort through. It took me several months, much research and experimentation and a great deal of perseverance to create my first site. I’ve created several now and, using the information and system I’ll cover on this site, can now set the basics of one (i.e. not including writing the content, setting up related systems and the artistic fiddling) in a couple of hours.

In case you’re curious, here’s a link to the first website I created, so you can see what is possible for a website beginner:

About This Site

I’ll be outlining the set-up process, sharing tips and recommending some products based on my experience. My aim is to use my research and experience to save you a lot of time and effort.

A few important notes and disclaimers: Things change constantly in this internet world—I will update information as I am aware of changes, but can’t guarantee perfect accuracy at any time. This is a free website intended to help with the basics of setting up a site. You may need to supplement this with additional professional help on specific tasks and issues. Every situation is different, so while I will give some tips and general suggestions, you will need to make your own choices about what is best for you and your own site.

While you can spend more if you want or need extra features and services, the basics of your own website will likely cost $60–120 per year. (Many web hosting companies offer special rates the first year and discounts for multi-year purchases, so check that out when you sign up.)

Regarding the products highlighted here, I’ve included the ones I’ve chosen myself after a lot of research and sometimes additional options that present either different features or a good alternative. Please do your own due diligence to determine what is specifically appropriate for you. I cannot, of course, make any guarantees regarding these Third Party products and services.

Some of the services mentioned or advertised on the site will pay me a small referral fee (at no additional cost to you) if you click on a link or ad and buy their product. This is a common internet practice. It will help cover my own costs of bringing this information to you, so, while you should feel no obligation to do so, if you decide to use these services, I’ll be grateful if you click on them here.

Congratulations on your decision to create your own website. Get ready to play with it. Be patient with yourself. It may take some experimentation, but, if you persist, you’ll get the hang of it! Enjoy the process and the feeling of satisfaction you will get when your own site comes to life!

P.S. If you’re serious about creating a website or blog, you can find additional tools and resources in my 146-page book, You Can Start a Website, available in either paperback or Kindle editions from Amazon. It includes more than 30 worksheets to guide you through the entire process.